This is our story

Hey Guys,
My name is Charlotte and I am the girl behind this little business you see. I've lived in London my whole life and it is my favourite City! 

I began teaching myself modern calligraphy back in 2017 and have loved it since. This little business of mine started as motivational Instagram page full of chalkboard written quotes. That Christmas I had my first glimpse of selling my work and this journey really started there. 

Itchy & Sketchy is something I work on around my 9-5 currently but someday it will be my dream job hopefully (*crosses all fingers & toes).

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, along with eating pizza & garlic bread, spending time with my friends & family and a good old party!

This journey is a roller coaster but I am glad to have you guys around for it and thank you for the support.

I can't wait to speak with you all, 
Charlotte xo