2020 What’s Next?

This is definitely not what I had in mind for 2020. New Years Eve, we celebrated and looked forward to what the year would 5 months into it, I’m not quite sure what’s happened. 

Over the last couple months I have read so many posts on how to adjust to working at home and how to stay sane during this time but what about adjusting back to normality?

I have been at home for 6 weeks now and was put on furlough for 4 weeks. This was great, I finally had some time to check off my own to do lists that had grown far too long. My flat is clean, I have made huge steps with my business and my anxiety was next to nothing. 

Until I got told I was needed back at my full time job. That was it, the anxiety grew high, my to do list felt never ending and my body felt burnt out. 

Why? This should be good right?
I was needed at my job which should make me feel good and this is a step towards normality. Soon I will hopefully be hugging my family, dancing with my friends and planning my wedding again with my bridesmaids.

But that’s definitely not how I felt. The thought of going back to a “new normality” is overwhelming. It’s scary right? Most of us have been at home with relaxed schedules, comfy clothes and some have even had the opportunity to make tons of memories with their loved ones. 

Now the outside world is knocking...erm yes can I help you?

So how do we remember this is a good thing and stay positive about the changes coming our way? We can’t change what’s going to happen or how quickly things are going to happen BUT we can change our outlook on it and try to put a positive spin on the negative thoughts creeping in (yeah I see you creepin anxiety...back off!) 

These are some of the things I feel totally anxious about and my positive spins. I hope these can help you guys and inspire you to try the same. 

P.S. another aren’t alone. This is global, people are feeling all kinds of emotions all over the world. We will get there, one step at a time, together. 

Stay safe, speak soon.
Charlotte xo 

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